Let me tell you why I practice law……

My dedication and commitment to the practice of law came to me honestly, and through a difficult family situation. 

After my grandmother suffered a massive stroke that left her incapacitated my Dad worked hard to put her “legal house” in order for her benefit.  My grandmother had a substantial sum of money and assets left to her from my grandfather.  Like many families my Dad was left to handle this matter, although he had brothers that could have helped.

To make a long story short, my Dad formed a Trust for my grandmother’s benefit and acted as the Trustee.  On more than one occasion my Dad had said, ”lawyers cost too much and rarely get anything done”, so understandably he felt confident in assuming these responsibilities.  Not unlike many families he was determined to protect my grandmother’s estate from uncaring attorneys and keep the assets in the family.  Needless to say my Dad was not an attorney and things did not end favorably.

Due to lack of experience and lack of support from my uncles my Dad made some poor and risky choices.  As a result, my grandmother lost nearly all of her money and assets. But far more costly than the time, money and emotional energy spent was how my Dad lost himself in this process.  Not wanting my grandmother to suffer, my Dad ended up paying for her comfort, care and medical expenses.

After my grandmother died my uncles reappeared looking for a sizable inheritance.  My Dad truthfully let them know there was no money left to distribute.  My uncles chose to sue my Dad and sought to bankrupt him to pay them what they expected was their inheritance.  The lawsuit was eventually dropped after a long ugly process.  To this day my Dad and his brothers do not speak at all.

As you can imagine this experience has never left me and it lives with me when I counsel individuals, families and businesses. I practice law to spare my clients the hurt, guilt and shame of not seeking proper legal advice.  Retaining the right attorney does cost, but sound legal counsel is invaluable as it can save precious time, money and priceless family relationships.

I am a lawyer, I am your local resource and I am at your service.

Eric B. Cromwell II